Giveaway ~yeay~~~~

Owh sgt giler nk join GA...tak tau la aper hangin mlm nih...this time around dari Juzbetty byk gak hasil beg dia yang menarik...alhamdulillah....nak join klik sini....

Antara Hadiah yang akan dimenangi..Menarikkan...Byk lagi tau hadiah..:)

So dalam setiap biasanya ader GA...ok dia punyer rules...
1. Be my follower. Grab my button or link me to your blogs.
Dah grab dah buat semua..:) Dah link leh tengok kat bhgn sebelah kiri part CRAFT CREATIVE PERSON

2. Promote my giveaway on your blogs. (Thanks in advance)
Promote sudah...:)

3. Just share some of your sewing tips/favourite stores/best tutorial you've ever done/just about anything for a newbie like me.
My fav stores~ Kedai SUS, Arin Shoppe's
Sewing tips lak...Sew From Ur Heart~~~ ececece

4. Don't forget to leave your email or URL link so I can trace you back.
Ok buat sudah jugak nih...

Hope menang tuh jerk..:)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS dear, just to let u know you are my only winner for my previous GA. Do email me your details so i can send the items to you.

    my email:
    Thanks for your support.


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